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BizziPhone provides telephone answering services and live chat support for companies and entrepreneurs. Every company has a permanent team at its disposal briefed in advanced about the company. Professionals who are trained in proactive customer contact.

Since October 2018 I write their blogs (through CopyRobin). Over 50 in total. The purpose of the blogs is twofold:  1. to inform entrepreneurs about the benefits of outsourcing these services and 2. to achieve higher ranking on certain keywords in Google. Therefore, the blogs are optimized for SEO. To ensure the texts are easy to read, all blogs are written and tested at B1 / B2 level (secondary level).

“We have worked very well with Ilse over the past period. She delivers very good and qualitative content (which fits well with our tone-of-voice) and always processes feedback neatly and quickly. The deadlines are always met and communication goes smoothly. Ilse also gives advice and comes up with suggestions to improve the quality of texts. ”

Amber Prinsen, Marketeer, BizziPhone

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