Let’s get started!

Every project is different because every customer has his specific needs. This can differ from setting up a whole website, to editing or writing for a couple of hours or finding the right visual. You decide what you need and what fits your budget.

For every project however I take time to get to know the company. I want to know what the company does and how it differs from other entrepreneurs or companies. This helps me finding the right tone of voice and look, which will distinguish the company.

Following a orientating conversation I will make a set up for you to decide upon. In this approach you can choose which services you want to use.

My expertise is content but naturally I can help you setting up a new website, so you have time to focus on other business. The technical set up and hosting will be done by a reliable partner with whom I have been working since years and who charges fair prices. You will only be dealing with me. I will make sure you get a solid technical solution but communication with your customer has first priority, not the other way around.