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Ilse Naves-Scheidel
Ilse Naves-Scheidel

What drives me

To write text that is understood by someone else the way you meant it, that’s my challenge!

Since I was young I have been fascinated by language and text. At an early age I started learning other languages. Since then I have learned many different languages (some of which I also forgot). With every new language it fascinates me how the language reflects the way people think. The structure of the language reflects the mentality of a country and its inhabitants.

This difference is most striking between languages but obviously -within the same language- someone’s vocabulary also says a lot about his way of thinking. Especially as you are often nota ware of your own vocabulary and way of thinking, it is a challenge to take the customer’s perspective. It is not easy to put the company’s personality and your unique selling points into words – in such a way that others will understand it the way you meant it. That is the challenge and drive for me that has kept me fascinated with content management and writing for already more than 20 years.


It will not surprise you that my studies had to do with languages: Economic-Linguistic and Marketing Sociology of Books (Literature). After my studies I started  working  with a consultancy agency for content management, initially as an office-manager. My interest for the subject started from day one and I was promoted to project manager. After a few years working advising companies about content management I wanted to experience applying content management in a company myself and I changed to work internationally for a big financial institute. I deepened my IT knowledge and started working in the back office of another financial institute.

The last years I have lived in several countries: Turkey, China, Australia and Portugal. My work always adopted to the place but was always related to language and content management. That was the reason to start my own company. I kept and keep developing myself in the field of content management (systems) and lately also in infographics.

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