While using this website Content2Connect and/or other parties might collect information about your usage of the website and the associated blog, by placing cookies. This information will be mostly used for web analytics and to improve the website.

Content2Connect respects the privacy of the visitors of this website and makes sure that the personal information the visitor provides, is treated confidentially. Personal data is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Purposes of data processing

When you are in contact with Content2Connect with the intention to hire its services (or enquire about it), your personal data will be processed to enter into and execute agreements in respect of these services and to manage the resulting relationships. Only with your explicit consent we will use this information for other activities such as sharing knowledge or invitations for any events or workshops in the field of content management, seo, infographics or copy writing. The data will be retained for up to 5 years after finishing the last assignment. You have the right to request to see your personal data, have it corrected or deleted. For this you can send an e-mail through our contact page.

If you fill out a form on our website or send an e-mail to Content2Connect,  we will keep the data for as long as it requires to completely answer or deal with the nature of the form or the content of your e-mail.

Website usage, traffic and visitor data

On this website general visitor data is tracked. In this context especially the IP-address of your device, its user name, time and data of data requests and data the browser of a visitor sends, will be registered and used for website analytics of usage and traffic on the website. Also it is used to optimize functioning of the website.  This data is only accessible to Content2Connect, the technical manager of the website and Google Analytics. They are stored for a maximum of 38 months and will never be shared with third parties.

Social Media

When I post messages on social media, you are welcome to share these on your platforms. If you do, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus might put cookies on your device. These will mostly be cookies to enhance user experience but they can also place tracking cookies to follow your browser behaviour over several websites.

Subscribe to blog

Content2Connect offers the possibility to subscribe to a blog in which Content2Connect wants to inform interested visitors about writing (web)texts, seo, infographics and related matters.  Your e-mail address will only be added to the mailing list if you sign up through the form on the website or by sending an e-mail requesting this subscription. By doing so you give us permission to include your e-mail address in our database in order to keep you informed when we publish a new blog. Your data will be retained for as long as Content2Connect exists. Of course you have the right to request access to, correction of or deletion of your data. You can send your request by e-mail or through our contact page.

The list of subscribers to the blog will never be shared with third parties. They are only accessible to Content2Connect and the website manager.

Third parties

I do not provide your data to third parties, unless this is required for executing work or from a legal obligation. Your data might be given to other processors, parties included in the agreement or external advisors. With these third parties I will close a processor’s agreement to guarantee your privacy. I will never sell your data to others.


When you like or follow my business Facebook page, your messages and social media account you post will be visible to others in the community. I will not save this data outside community. When you decide to leave the community, your data will be deleted.

Besides this Facebook collects audience statistic by placing cookies. The data collected by Facebook through these cookies will only be transferred to me anonymously.

When you do not want Content 2 Connect to place a cookie, you can indicate in your browser settings that you do not accept cookies and you wish to delete all placed cookies. You will need to do this seperately on every device and in every browser. To post a comment under my messages or review, I will process your company name, your name, logo and e-mail if provided, your Facebook account and the content of the message. By posting a comment or review these data will automatically be shown. I keep these data until you remove your comment or until I remove the post. Reviews about my services I keep as long as they are relevant or until you request me to delete it. I can use these reviews, after explicit consent,  on my website for promotion purposes.

Modification Privacy Statement

Content2Connect reserves the right to modify the Privacy Statement. Modifications will be published on this website.

Questions about the Privacy Statement

If you have any questions about the Privacy Statement please contact Content2Connect.